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What are the effects?

Its exclusive formula really provides long-lasting increase in penis size of several centimetres, and consequently also makes the penis wider, thicker. Although each man is different and reacts to the effects more or less rapidly, our users generally notice an average increase of 3 centimetres after 2 weeks and up to 7 centimetres in 1 month. This is an average, but it suggests a great result for you, does it not?

Manufacturing and quality control

To ensure the quality of our food supplements, all our tablets are developed, manufactured and controlled in France, in French laboratories.

The formula

The formula of natural ingredients ensures that it is a healthy product: plants and plant extracts as well as nutrients (vitamins, etc.) that are carefully chosen and listed with the relevant authorities.

What they say about Viril XXL

Thomas O.

I have regained my confidence now that my dick is bigger.

Alan B.

Viril XXL is excellent, my organ is big and hard.

Steve S.

For me it is the new generation of blue pills.

Dan L.

I soon saw a big difference, I couldn't believe it.

Michael F.

I can finally take my woman up the behind, my prick is long enough.

Sebastian C.

Thinking about it, I would recommend it every month.

Karim A.

I'm no longer ashamed of my cock: it is beautiful, long and hard.

Noel S.

Viril XXL should be paid for by the NHS!

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